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Parents Evening- Cheese & Wine Night

We hold parents evening every term, this is the perfect opportunity for staff and parents to meet and talk about the learning and development of the children.

 During this time you will be able to view children’s folder and to see the Play room they are based in. You will also have chance to see a range of the different activities they take part in on a daily basis. 

We hold different themed parents evenings to encourage all parents to come along.

This term we are hold a cheese and wine evening and holding the parents meeting informally. 

Allowing staff and parents to meet together and get to know each other. 

All parents will receive a progress review about how their children have been progressing this term, we also ask for parents to comment and help set next steps in which they would like there child to work towards for the next term.

Give us your feedback on what you want to see during the parents evening.

Many Thanks 

Jamie Hodgson 

Area Manager 

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